Why is autism on a spectrum?

Autism is characterised by behavioral challenges, social interaction, communication and sensory sensitivities. Some of these characteristics are common among people on the spectrum; others are typical of the disability but not necessarily exhibited by all people on the autism spectrum. This means that autism is as diverse as personality and just the same way everyone’s personality is unique to each individual so is autism. This is why we imagine a spectrum with each person having their own unique space on the spectrum that’s unique to them. The autistic spectrum can be mapped and measured in a variety of ways because autism covers a diverse variety of different traits and methods in processing information. Some of these traits and processes can be useful in everyday life and some can create difficulties. Each person’s autism will consist of a variety of autistic traits and abilities from different areas in the spectrum. In areas where they do not they will function no differently from a neurotypical brain. This is often why its so hard to get a diagnosed but just as equally important. A diagnosis’s can often be the first steps for a person on the spectrum and their loved ones in making sense of how autism effects them, so the right adjustments can be made in to their environment in order for them to have the equal right to as much Independence and opportunity as possible. `

4 concepts that will broaden your understanding about autism

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toy wooden blocks,
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