Days Out and Holidays

I am very lucky because the support staff who work at my home, Felbrigg House organise many outings and trips. Being motivated to take part in these activities helps me to feel relaxed and happy in new environments. Without the gentle encouragement to join in I would spend too much time on my own. However, sometimes it’s nice to stay at home and chill out with a nice cup of tea together.


My support staff have taken me on lots of exciting trips away and days out such as visiting London for the Chinese New Year and days at the zoo or at the seaside. I really enjoy our group holidays in the caravan and nights when we all go out for dinner.


I enjoy walking because it’s an excellent way for me to relax. Walking is like meditation for me and will often help if I am stressed or anxious. I like to walk to the shops, the pub, a local café or in the park. Walks in the countryside away from all the noise and crowds are often the most relaxing types of walks for me.

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Adapted From: “I am Adrian eBook” eBooks.

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