• My disability can stop me from being able to do some simple tasks. Sometimes I will do things that make no sense to you but will make perfect sense to me.
  • I’m not keen on taking objects that are passed to me from people’s hands; I prefer the person to place the object down somewhere so I can pick it up myself.
  • I will sometimes gently rock myself back and forth because I find it comforting. If I am stressed I will sometimes rock to calm myself down but most of the time I will rock just because I find it relaxing.
  • Sometimes I will take what is said to me literally so try to avoid using idioms when talking to me; if you say ‘I have a frog in my throat’ then I will think a frog is living in your throat!
  • I don’t like eye contact or being touched unexpectedly because it makes me feel smothered.

  • I have difficulty in carrying things, screwing caps on bottles, lids on jars and opening cans because my disability stops me from judging how much pressure or strength they require.
  • I can find it easy to give up on things and it’s always important that you encourage me to do things for myself, even if I point blank refuse to do it.
  • My eyesight is not very good and this requires me to wear glasses to see correctly. I take care of my own glasses that I have to use if I want to see what is going on around me. I wear them everyday and make sure that they are clean so I can see through them.
  • Do not tell me about things that you think could happen because I will become very upset if they don’t; I need to only know about things that will definitely happen.
  • I have a slight hearing problem in my right ear and I have to occasionally visit the hospital to have my ears surgically cleaned so that they don’t cause me any pain.

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