Taking care of myself can sometimes be a little challenging, so it’s important that my family and support staff help me to keep clean and tidy.

Keeping Clean

Sometimes I can get a little slack when it comes to washing and grooming. I really dislike being hassled about it so the best way to deal with this is to just gently remind me to do things like clean my teeth and wash my body. Sometimes I let my beard grow but other times I like to shave it with my electric shaver. You can ask me to do things like wash and shave, but please don’t ask me more than twice in the same hour as this will make me stressed and upset.
I can be encouraged to wash if one of my support workers runs a bath for me and stays with me so we can chat together and make a game of washing by asking what part of my body I will be washing next. They sit in my room with the door open to the bathroom so they can talk with me and still allow me to have my privacy. This can be a positive way of making bath time enjoyable and teach me sequencing which in turn helps me to build my confidence.

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Adapted From: “I am Adrian eBook” eBooks.

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