I have a lot of people in my life who love me and support me. The people who live and work at Felbrigg House are a big part of my life as I see them everyday. My family love me very much and I enjoy seeing them when they come to visit me or when I go to visit them.

My Family

My Mum comes to visit me every Thursday evening. We go to Tesco’s to buy items I might need, and we go to a pub in Dover. In the summer when the weather is good we go for a walk, when we get back to the house we type out everything I have done in the week into my diary with Widgit symbols. My mum also types out reading words for me and helps me frame new photos of my family. When I have made new thank you cards or birthday cards my mum helps me to send them to family members. My mum also helps me to keep a calendar so I know when someone is having a birthday or some other type of celebration. I spend my holidays like Christmas and Easter at David and Mums house. Mum and David have a big garden and I get to have my own room when I stay.


My Dad visits fortnightly on a Tuesday morning. We often go for a walk on the beach, or visit some of the charity shops in Dover. I sometimes visit Dad and Michael at their home, they have a big garden as well. My brother Mark lives in London and he is a TV Producer. He will often send me postcards to show me all the places that he travels to for work. Mark also has a hobby as an illustrator and he created this book for me. All the drawings are by him and inspired by my drawings and me. My sister Helen is married to Stuart who drives tanks for the army. I have a young nephew named Liam and a young niece named Livia. I see them at Christmas and Easter and will sometimes stay with them during the summer. In the summer they like to take me on days out.

My Friends and Support Workers at Felbrigg House

Sandra is the manager of my home, Felbrigg House. Sandra makes sure that all the people living at Felbrigg House get the right level of support for them to be as independant as possible. Sandra manages all the support staff to make sure they have everything they need to support me and my other house mates. Sandra knows me really well and is able to help me understand confusing social situations and process my emotions when I’m overwhelmed by something. She has my best interests at heart and works to make my life as fulfilling as possible. I have very good relationships with my support staff and have made some good friends at Felbrigg House. I particularly like Stephen, Mark and Graham but I am happy to join in with activities with all the people I live with. I may sometimes become anxious when somebody new moves in but this happens less often now because I have got use to new people moving in from time to time. Everyone is really pleased with the progress I have made and the difficulties I have overcome. All the wonderful people that make Felbrigg House a home have enriched my life and made my home a place where I feel happy and content. The support staff help me gain more and more independance everyday and they make day-to-day life a lot of fun. Barry has worked as a support worker in Felbrigg House for a number of years now and over that time I have asked him to help me talk through my concerns when I’m worried about something.

aa me speech bubble

Adapted From: “I am Adrian eBook 2012.epub.” iBooks.




  1. Do you have any information or references for charities I can find out some further information on autistic children and schools in the UK, im moving from the U.S. with my family and one of my children is autistic. Thank you

    1. Hi Myles, Thank you for your comment/question. They are always welcome on here. You’ll find plenty of information for parents and carers on the (NAS) National Autistic Society’s website, including more about autism, Asperger syndrome, and diagnosis. They have a Living with autism section is aimed at parents and is full of practical advice, ideas and further contacts. I worked for this charity for 2 years and can reassure you that their website is a great place for you to start your research. My brother Adrian has been supported by the NAS for many years.

      The National Autistic Society website

      I hope that helps. Please let me know how you get on.


  2. This is beautiful. Do I have permission to put a link on my works staff portal for staff at my company to check out the site?

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