Mothers Day

At, my goal is to provide some fresh new insight for people with autism and their families. By sharing my experiences in a deeply personal style. I hope to sign post people to much needed help and support. Living with autism isn’t so bad when you find a way of coping with some of the everyday challenges, especially when you have great people around you all working together. My family and friends came together to create my life changing website and if would be wonderful to see it change other peoples lives for the better finding information about programs and supports that would allow them to live as independently as possible. Today is mothers day so I get to thank one of the most important people in my life. My mum, Joy. The foundations of this website are mostly down to her. My brother build his idea to create an interactive website to help me to communicate better because our mum has never given up trying to help me connect with the world around me. We have all been inspired by mum’s super human powers so its important that we make sure she know just how wonderful we think she is.



I love buying presents for my family and friends so when a celebration is about to happen for a birthday or a holiday I am normally pretty organised when it comes to having the perfect gift wrapped and ready to go days beforehand. aamothersdaymum

I love arts and crafts so I always make my own Birthday, holidays cards for people. I often do this with mum but seeing as the card if for her this time I had to make it on my own whilst I banish her from the kitchen. I have a style to the way I make my cards but no two are ever the same. It was finally time to give mum her gift and handmade card and I’m petty sure she loved it. You can see my hand made card in the photo below. I gave my mum some bath-time luxury goodies because I know how much she enjoys soaking in a hot bath tub after a long day.

aa me speech bubble


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