Life, Animated

Film director Roger Ross Williams new film “Life, Animated,” has beautifully opened up the world of autism to a much larger audience. Roger Ross Williams has an extraordinary ability to tell the story of the forgotten person. His films open minds by championing the outsider, the person who got left behind by showing us just how much they have to offer the world and that we are missing out until we open our eyes.

“Life, Animated,” tells the story of Owen Suskind a young man who was diagnosed with regressive autism when he was three years old. He stopped talking, and his family said Owen “vanished” within himself. He did not speak for years.

life-animated-posterIt wasn’t until his father, Ron Suskind, discovered a remarkable way into his son’s world by using Owen’s obsessive passion for Disney films characters to communicate with his son. The family discovered that they were able to communicate with their son all along, they just hadn’t discovered how yet, but now they have. I

I love this film because it reinforces that if we view autism as though its a language that we need to learn then we open up a whole new world of communication with someone we care about who has autism.

“Life, Animated,” has just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and I wish it every success because I think this film could reeducate people about what its really means to have autism in your life.


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