It’s very important that I learn basic social skills so that I am able to interact with people I meet in my everyday life. Although I am not always interested in learning these skills it is for the greater good and can help me have a better quality of life.
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I like to have as much independence in my life as possible. It can be hard for me to see my brother and sister living a very different life to me and sometimes I wish I could have the same freedom and independence as they do. With a little support I can learn how to do more things for myself that you may take for granted such as managing my own money. I am unable to count so this can be confusing for me; thankfully Sandra is helping me to keep track of a small amount of money I have each week and the support staff support me in making choices on what I spend my money on. I plan on learning more life skills like this, so I can do more.



Due to my limited vocabulary I can sometimes find it challenging to make new friends but this doesn’t stop me from wanting to meet and talk with new people. Just like you, some of the people I meet I really like and it can sometimes lead me to become very attached to them. I especially like to have close relationships with support staff similar to my age who understand me very well. I can sometimes forget that the support staff I like a lot have to support other residents other than myself and this can lead me to become frustrated if they don’t spend all their time with me. Sometimes if I have a pretty female support worker I can demand a great deal of their time which can often lead to me becoming obsessive and frustrated. I am currently learning more about relationships and emotions with the support of Sandra and my support staff. With the right support I hope to manage my feelings and emotions better so I can avoid becoming overwhelmed by them.

Caring about others

The word empathy means the ability to identify with and understand another person’s feelings or difficulties. Although most of us are capable of empathy, I am not. It is not something that comes naturally to me or that I can learn. This means that I can sometimes upset people without realising. I find it hard to imagine what it’s like to be you and read your behavior, emotions and body language. Sometimes it helps if a person tells me calmly what emotion they are feeling.


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