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Hello, my name is Adrian and I have autism. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are both general terms that covers a large spectrum of symptoms, skills, and levels of impairments. These are characterised, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviours.
No two people with autism display the exact same behaviours or traits.  A persons autism is as rich as their personality. So when we describe ourselves as being on the spectrum it’s as though we all have our own unique position on that spectrum.

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My blog is going to change the way you think about autism for good. You maybe thinking autism is just a mental disability but I think it’s better to describe it as just seeing the world in a different way to everybody else. Those of us who have autism are affected by it physically and mentally but in a variety of different ways that complicate day-to-day tasks. Many of us who are on the spectrum tend to struggle with balance and co-ordination. Sports are often a challenge and when it comes to catching a ball, forget about it. We are often viewed as having muted emotions but this is a common mistake. Autistic people experience emotion in a different way and this can appear as though we are lacking. In reality we just have a hard time understanding emotions in others. We feel emotion but articulating and understanding someone else’s emotions can be incredibly confusing and often impossible,


Whats makes my blog unique

You won’t have come across many blogs like this one. My blog only exists because of some impressive cooperation from my friends, family and support staff. They have had to all work together. All trying to see the world through my eyes and thinking in a totally different way so they can help me share my thoughts and ideas on this blog in a genuine way. This blog is my voice and I can express myself fully.


I have limited speech and language skills which makes conversation a huge challenge. It can be very frustrating to talk to someone using my own voice because very few people understand what I am trying to say to them. I know what it is I want to say, but the words just don’t come out in the same way I hear them in my head. My brother Mark created this blog with the help of all the people in my life so I can communicate with people and avoid being misunderstood.
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When I meet someone for the first time they often have trouble understanding my speech. It can take weeks before they start to make sense of the words I am saying and that can be frustrating for me and for them. Not many people have the time to learn what I’m saying and this can lead to me feeling isolated. By reading this blog you will be helping towards building a better world for autistic people. Sharing the pages in my blog on Facebook will teach the world to understand the person behind autism.
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I hope that my blog with raise awareness about autistic spectrum disorder but also help people who effected by autism in some way. Living with autism shouldn’t been seen as a life sentence, its just a different way of seeing the world. With the right support and understanding we can begin to overcome the challenges and begin to see the unique potential in people who are on the spectrum. You may be surprise to know that some well known celebrities have been diagnosed with autism, Henry Ford, Steven Spielberg, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein have all been diagnosed with autism. We all have many amazing possibilities laid out before us. Like with anybody If we are given the right support we can achieve more than we ever expected.



My blog was originally an eBook. With help from family, friends and support workers, my brother Mark wrote and illustrated two eBooks to help me and others with communication difficulties. My brother Mark was inspired to create the book for me after a difficult experience with a neighbour. My neighbour mistook my limited social skills for intentional rudeness. Normally these sorts of misunderstanding are easily resolved with the help of a friend or relative, but on this occasion the neighbour struggled to understand me. The book was created by my brother for my neighbour in the hope that he would be more understanding. It did make a huge difference but due to the concern for my safety I had to move. but the book came with me and continued to help me connect with new people.
Mark and I hope that my eBooks and blog will reach out to more people affected by a disability, such as autism and inspire them to create a book or a blog like this to help them find their voice.



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  1. A very insightful, looking forward to reading more of Adrian’s blog. I hope this gets shared on a broader spectrum to which it’ll help get rid of the some stigma about autism.

    1. Thank you Jo, we plan to post fascinating news and facts about the autistic spectrum in the hope that we will inspire our readers to breakdown autistic stereotypes and see help to see the person first and not the disability.

  2. An interesting read. Best of luck with your mission. Thankfully, I think society is becoming more accepting and willing to learn about things like autism nowadays.

    1. Thank you for your messsage Caul. Over the years many wonderful individuals have campaigned to bring people with disabilities out of hiding so they can find their place in the world. It is wonderful to see people discover for themselves the advantages of adapting places of work and study to be more inclusive. There is nothing more inspiring than to work alongside someone who has despite all the odds achieved their dreams.

  3. . I really do like the idea of your website. My brother likes to be alone and I don’t know why and for some reason he is scared to look at me. Is it something that happened in the past, or maybe he sees something in me that I don’t see? Also I would like to know the best way to teach him and maybe a step by step guide because I don’t even know where to start. Your niche has so much promise ,becuase people are just now taking notice to what this is. When they told us my brother had autism I didn’t even think of it as a big thing until 3 years ago

    1. Hello Kelechi, Thank you for your questions. First of all I must let you know that its very unlikely that a negative event in your brothers past is responsible for him preferring to be alone and avoiding eye contact. In fact these two behaviours are very common in people with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder). The best way of understanding this is to try to imagine seeing the world through your brothers eyes. This isn’t easy to do because the world can see very different to someone with autism. Often people who have autism will find comfort in predictability and order. This is because many people with ASD find it very difficult to do things we can do without any effort, like reading emotions and predicting reactions. So being around people can be unsettling and sometimes scary. It’s important that you don’t take this personally though because he can’t learn to read other peoples emotions or predict peoples reactions to things over night. An autistic mind can spend a lifetime tying learn these types of social skills we seem to learn in childhood. Imagine a world where you were unable to read people facial expressions. Never knowing how people feel towards you. It would be very exhausting to be in other peoples company all the time. You would probably want to spend most of your time on your own. So imagine how intense it would feel to lock eye contact with someone who you couldn’t read. You would probably avoid eye contact as much as possible. It takes a lot of reassurance before you would feel relaxed in someones company. Even if they were a family member or someone you saw every day.

      If you would like to learn how to make a better connection with your brother or communicate better with him you first need to learn exactly what makes him feel relaxed and calm and what makes him feel anxious and agitated. Once you have discovered these things you can then begin to have many more successful interactions with him. The trick is to always try to imagine feeling like him. It’s not always easy and sometimes he will drive you crazy but as long as you always remember that his world isn’t as straight forward as yours so putting in the work to help our loved ones is the least we can do to help them find their way through this world. Please have a read of some of the post under the categories “know me better” and “My autistic quirks and difficulties”. The information inn these posts will help you. If you have any questions please ask them in the comments box below each post. I will be more than happy to answer them for you.

      The traits of my disability
      Its a different way of seeing the world

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