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Thank you for subscribing to Adrian’s website. To show our thanks we are giving you Adrian’s eBook ‘I am Adrian’ totally free of charge.
This eBook was designed to help people effectively communicate with my brother Adrian, who has autism. Originally I had created the book for Adrian and the people in his life but it became popular with parents and teachers worldwide.
The positive feedback I received inspired me to write a second book ‘How to, I Am’. A step-by-step guide to writing a personalised book just like Adrian’s but for someone you care about with a communication difficultly or a disability. ‘How to, I Am’ will help you create a book that breaks down communication barriers and open up opportunities for the person you are writing it for to form meaningful relationships.
Both eBooks are available to buy on Amazon. I hope you free eBook download inspires you to give someone a much needed voice.


Thank you for subscribing to Please accept this free eBook ‘I am Adrian’ as a thank you for your support. 

I am Adrian eBook


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