Communication is something many people take for granted. Imagine going about your day without being able to talk. How would you be able to socialise, work or even go to the shops? This is something that I have had to overcome because of my limited vocabulary. Most people who meet me won’t understand my sentences very well but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to have long conversations. Imagine having lots of important things you want to tell someone but without that person being able to understand what you are saying. It can get very frustrating, so anything you do to help us communicate better will improve the quality of my life. If we can find a way to communicate with one another then we can get to know each other better.

Signing and Visual Prompting

I have some basic Makaton (signing) skills that are very useful when you don’t understand what I am trying to say. It is also helpful when people sign back to me in Makaton. Widgit symbols are very simple images that you will see around my room and in some of my books. I like to point to figure out what I am saying you can try to divert my attention to something else that may interest me. This will stop me from becoming stressed and upset about you not being able to understand what I am trying to tell you.
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I like to use my iPad on my own and to interact with people. Eye contact makes me uncomfortable so having the iPad with its many apps to play games and share information with others is the perfect way for me to enjoy being in another person’s company. Many people interact with one another by having long conversations, but for me, the iPad can help me to spend more time with other people and less time alone in my room. I keep most of my music on my iPad and I have lots of apps, most of which I use for fun. Proloquo2go is a communication app that I can be encouraged to use more often. I prefer to use my own voice to communicate but if I am encouraged to use Proloquo2go more often I will be able to communicate more information with less limitation so please ask me to show you this app if you have time.”
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Excerpt From: “I am Adrian” eBooks.

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