Gifts for children with autism

When choosing a gift or toy for an autistic person, it’s important to think about their developmental ability as well as their actual age. For example, if the child has delays in language skills, consider toys that encourage sounds and speech on their level of ability. If you know the child enjoys sensory room sessions you could find them a sensory toy of their own. Although sensory toys are becoming more available on the high street, they are still seen as specialist toys and they can come with a specialist price tag to match.


The perfect toy doesn’t have to have a therapeutic value or function as a teaching tool. Autistic children are often encouraged to play like other children so we learn valuable social skills. This type of play can seem more like learning than play so it’s important to allow for them to have the freedom to play in the way they would like. Playtime should be free and unrestrictive and for an autistic kid this could mean accepting their interest in the unconventional. If I happen to fall in love with a toy that is subtly teaching me social skills, then that’s just an added extra but I think the most important thing to achieve here is to allow them to be in charge of finding a toy that stimulates and inspires their imagination, allowing them to feel happy and relaxed.
Over the years, some of the most unlikely games and toys have tuned out to be my favourite. The perfect toy for autistic child isn’t always what you first expect. Just because it’s not being sold under the label of therapeutic sensory toy doesn’t mean it’s not going to capture the imagination of your child, brother or sister. It may take some time before you start to get it right and not everything that I have listed here will be a hit with everyone but I bet you will have huge success with at least one of my top 5 suggestions.

My top 5 toys for children with autism

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