sketchtimeI really enjoy drawing like my brother Mark. I like to draw people and animals mostly and they often reveal how I feel about things. Talking about my drawings can be another way of communicating with me if you struggle to understand my words. Using my drawings to help us have a conversation can bring a great deal of clarity to what I am trying to say and helps us to understand each other. I enjoy explaining what I have drawn
unnamed copyso please ask me. I have a few drawing apps on my iPad as well and some off the art apps allow me to make art instantly and I can safe the drawing in my albums. So ask me to show you some of my iPad drawings. My brother Mark and I like to share our drawings with each other and this can inspire me to make do one


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Arts & Crafts

Mum helps me collect  and cut out magazine images and old photos for me to make birthday and thank you cards for my friends and family. Mum and I like to do this together when she visits. We sometimes make a big collage with all the cuttings and when we make one we like we frame  and display theme in my bedroom.


Sound & Vision 

I love to go to town, buy DVD’s and bring them home to watch. My mum and brother sometimes help me to buy or rent films for my iPad that I watch in my own time.Sometimes help me to buy or rent films for my iPad that I watch in my own time. I like to listen to my CD’s on my player and from my iPad. I like to show people my music and play songs for them.
aa xmas party

aa me speech bubble



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