Celebrities with autism

Even though autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is understood better today than it were 50 years ago and portrayed in the media more positively. Many of us are still, unknowingly, reinforcing unhelpful stereotypes. This can cause far more damage than you would first think. We must challenge our preconceptions and discover new ways of thinking that allow more equality for all disabled people, allowing them to be fully included in society. It’s also super important to recognise the great assets someone’s condition brings. Rather than focusing on their challenges.
Here are just a few celebrities who have either been diagnosed after their death or have opened up their private lives, raising awareness about how their condition affects them. Their bravery in opening up can act as inspiration to children and parents affected by ASD.

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I have always been envious of bilingual types, or just anyone who can speak more than one language. English is my first and only language but that’s not entirely true because I do speak one Read More …

Pokemon Go continues to transform more autistic lives!


POKEMON GO BECOMES A TOOL FOR AUTISM Pokemon Go is a GPS-based augmentative reality game you can play on your smartphone. The wildly popular mobile game has opened up a surprising means of communication with Read More …

toy wooden blocks,
This simple two step exercise is designed to sensitively breakthrough the social barriers that can sometimes isolate a child who has autism, by building a way into their world that can allow them to take Read More …

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5 thoughts on “Celebrities with autism”

  1. I’m really glad I found your site. As far as I know, I don’t have anyone with autism in my family. I have a few friends with autistic children though and this site is really helpful in understanding them and their lives. It never even occurred to me that there may be celebrities with autism! Just another reason not to discount folks with “disabilities”. Anyone can shine brightly! Thanks Again,

    1. We are all capapble of extraordinary achievements in a world built on equality. No one demographic of people should be classed as normal. Lets start recognising everyones ability no matter their limitations `

  2. What a wonderful blog post! I have a very close and dear friend who has a son with autism. I think it’s great that you’re calling attention to this and doing what you can to remove the stigma.

    Dan Aykroyd is wonderful example. There is perhaps nobody who is more funny or more original than Dan Aykroyd is. Seeing his success should give plenty of inspiration to so many.

    1. Hi Mike, thank you for your comment. Yes I’ve heard of Dan. I shall have to watch his vlogs :

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