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I’m Mark, iAmApp  is an assisted social media application inspired by my brother Adrian. Adrian has autism and limited speech and language skills. In some ways he is just like any young man his age and in other ways he can be very different. His disability limits his communication skills and this makes it very hard for him to be understood by others and to make friends. Although Adrian prefers to be alone most the time its important that he still tries to connect with people so he doesn’t become isolated. One of the ways that helped Adrian to connect with people better was the personalised eBook I wrote and illustrated about him that allowed people who are new in Adrian’s life to get to know him in a way where they could understand and communicate with him better.

Imagine having something important you want to say but as you speak the words they come out very differently.

The eBook developed over time into a blog so Adrian and I could add and adapt it together so all the content was up-to-date. The eBook and blog allows the reader the unique opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a young man who has autism. This is key into helping Adrian to be understood by people better. Imagine having something important you want to say but as you speak the words they come out very differently and nobody can understand what you’re trying to say. Then consider how hard it is for someone who has instinctive behaviours that other people find strange. The people you meet could feel so confused that they try to avoid you. Imagine how frustrating that must be. Especially when everyone else around you getting along famously and chatting away effortlessly. You would start to feel isolated because forging friendships becomes near impossible.

I wanted to do something to help Adrian find his voice and his eBook and blog have opened up his world in ways I never imagined but I still feel their is more we can do! For Adrian and anyone else who has communication difficulties and a person that cares enough to help them. The development of an app where a loved one can build and personalise a interactive profile for someone that has a communication disability could help them connect with others in ways they never could in the past. The app would guide a family member, friend or teacher through the process of building a personalised profile for anyone who struggles to make friends because of their limited communication skills. Imagine a type of FaceBook that meets the needs of someone who struggles with day-to-day social  interactions. Helping people to see the person first and then understand how their disability affects them. This is the process thats required for helping to build friendships and make meaningful connections.


My idea for the app is protected by copyright so all thats required now is to find the funding to develop it. That is where www.gofundme.com comes in. GoFundMe is a crowdfunding website that anyone with a great idea can build a campaign hopefully get their project off the ground by inspiring people enough to make donations. It prides itself as the world’s #1 personal fundraising site, so with a bit of luck Adrian’s app may become a reality. This is a breakdown of the apps functions that all contribute to the cost of developing this type of app.
*Built for Apple iOS (We will not develop for the android at this stage in order to cut costs by half)
*Users login to build and maintain personal profiles for their loved one who has the disability? (App help and support is essential in order to encourage people to keep the profile up-to-date)
*Anyone can access the profile info without having to login but downloading the app will be encouraged. (web access so people aren’t put off from accessing the information)
*Free download with In-app Purchases to add functions (Building a fully functional profile must be free – extra functions will allow users to adapt visual design advertise events)
*Visual user friendly design and interface, simple navigation (visually simulating design is key)
*Approximate cost to develop £25K


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