Artists on the autistic spectrum

People who struggle to communicate in conventional ways have to find alternative means to express themselves and it’s not always easy. For some this search for an effective form of communication can take years. Those of us who find it in art are often lucky enough to discover it in childhood because arts and crafts play a big part in early childhood development. My brother Mark and I have always loved all types of arts and crafts, from drawing and painting to collage and sculpting. Discovering artists who use art as their primary form of communication grab our attention more so than many well know artist simply because their art is essential for communicating, building relationships and connecting with others. Without it their world would be very different. Many people would never fully understand their full potential for understanding and expressing concepts and ideas.

Here are some talented artists that are on the spectrum

Stephen Wiltshire
Stephens Facebook

Ping Lian Yeak
Ping Lian Yeak’s Facebook

Dani Bowman, La Canada
Dani’s Facebook

Frank Louis Allen,
Franks Facebook

Calvin Nye
Calvins Facebook

Jason Cantu
Online bio

Kevin Hosseini
Kevin’s Facebook

Steve Selpal
Steve’s Facebook

Jessica Park
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