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Our top 8 Art Therapy & Autism Books

The early years are the most critical period of learning for a child with autism. Therapeutic art-making can be a useful tool to tap into their imaginations and help them to express their thoughts and feelings. My brother Mark and I have searched for books about art therapy that can teach parents, siblings or teachers how to get the most out of creative art therapy exercises. Here are our selection of books that we think stand out from the rest. We’ve picked out books that provide physical and sensory support. Solutions for managing difficult behaviours and creative tips, ideas and suggestions for art therapists. Ranging from the comprehensive and value for money to the cutting edge research in the field of neuroscience for art therapists.

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Art Therapy and Autism

Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Using arts and crafts in a therapeutic activity taps into a person’s imagination helping them to express their thoughts and feelings in a way that is just isn’t possible by talking. Read more…

Artists Who Are On The Spectrum 

People who struggle to communicate in conventional ways have to find alternative means to express themselves and it’s not always easy. For some this search for an effective form of communication can take years. Those of us who find it in art are often lucky enough to discover it in childhood because arts and crafts play a big part in early childhood development. My brother Mark and I have always loved all types of arts and crafts, from drawing and painting to collage and sculpting. Read more… 

Expressive Art Therapy Ideas 

My brother Mark and I have come up with some great ideas for some art therapy activities that may work for you. Each was designed to be lots of fun and very creative whilst at the same time helping me to process my thoughts and feelings, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and awareness. Read more..

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7 thoughts on “Art therapy and autism books”

  1. Hello, These books seem to be aimed at profesionals (apart from the colouring in book) can you recommend a art therapy activity book for parents?

    Many Thanks

    1. Hi Helen, thank you for raising this. We are currently putting one together now. Watch this space. 🙂

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